Friday, February 12, 2016

Thursday, February 11, 2016

balls to balls action

Some balls on balls actions, I have found very few people who know about this practice, I hope it grows popular because it feels gooooooooood

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

1 vs 2

Here some 1 on 2 action for the lovers of groupal ballbusting

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Busting old friends

I really wish to see again some of my old bb buddies with whom I used to play ballbust, I have lost track of most of them, and is granted that our “games” end up as a memories of the years when we were young and horny.

I wonder how they would react if after so many years I bust them again, they would still find it amusing? This have happened to me once, after I saw a friend I haven’t see after 2 o 3 years, we meet and talk, all the time I was wondering if he still remember when we playfully bust each other balls “good times” when we were about to said good bye, he approach to me and told me “I remember you own me one of these” sac tapping me at the same time, after that he decided to walked me home, it was a long walk, needless to say sac taps and punches to the nuts were plenty for both of us all the way.

Locker rooms

Have you ever bust someone or have been bust in a locker room, I haven’t L but I have seen some naughty boys doing it once I went to a pool, they were in swimswits busting eachother playfully.

I always wanted to bust a pal in the showers or naked in the locker room, but I have never been in those lockers room with common showers with no divisions, the closest memory I had is of a friend of mine busting another while in underwear (slips) it’s really hot to remember it.

Any stories about boys in locker rooms?

Monday, February 1, 2016


Have you ever had your balls checked by a doctor, at least 3 times I have had my balls cheeked by a doctor, the last time I couldn’t help to pop an erection, and this was mainly to the fact I haven’t jerked off or had sex in months. I was really embarrassed but the doctor was a professional so didn’t say much and continue squeezing my balls. After that I wonder if a doctor secretly into ballbusting is turned on by a patient who pop an erection while examining their testicles, it’s certainly a picture worth to remember.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Ballbusting Brothers

I wish I have had a  brother to play with as a teenager, I had my first bb buddy when I was like 16 or 17, it was hard because I have to profit of every occasion we were alone in my or his house, we just bust each other playfully, and it was fun, but nothing like having your own brother to bust 24 hours a day.

I used to have a friend in highschool, he had a brother who was almost his twin, but was a year younger than him, they share a bedroom at their home, and the younger was always walking around shirtless or even in underwar,they both were in to busting other boys playfully but they usually team up against others, because of that I saw them bust each other very few times.

But I couldn’t help to wonder what happened in that bedroom at night or during weekends, I bet they had a great time busting each other day and night.

Is there anyone with brothers who would like to share his story?